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How to Find Me, Mar-2010

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Most anyone who has run a web sites is probably familiar with AWStats.  If you know enough to start up a web site then you are geeky enough to dig statistics.  And what could be cooler that stats about yourself?  And if you run a blog, by definition, YOU are your own favorite subject, so it’s like geek-heaven!

One of the things you can find out with stats collected about your web site is just how exactly people found you.  If you’re a business, trying to make money from your web site… read:  PR0N… then this is pretty important, as you can imagine.  In particular, you would want to know how people found your web site via search engines.

Now, I have no interest in any of this.  I don’t sell anything from this web site, I don’t make any money, I have all of maybe five people who read this, afterall.  (Hi Mom!!!)  But what I do find highly amusing is when someone accidentally finds my web site, by Googling something almost… but not entirely, unrelated.  It’s like a tiny window to peak into the creepy, dark, altogether wretched Internet habits of completely anonymous strangers.  So every month I take a look at what people search for on the Internet, which just so happens to also touch my blog albeit ever so slightly.

For example:  For all of 2009, far and above, the #1 search phrase that hit my site was “bascic reading skills”.

What do you suppose is more likely?  Something is interesting enough about “bascic reading skills” to warrant the vast number of searches, or that people interested in “basic reading skills” should really be searching for “remedial spelling”?

Some other ones from 2009 that I find funny:

nkay the godWho is nkay?  I can only hope we’re related, somehow.
caps lock is godNo, it isn’t.
top 10 things that scare peoplenkay is probably in the top 5.
abandon all hope tattooMaybe people will put this right on their face.
detroit sucksYes, it does.
kwame kilpatrick in cuffsGlad that other people are interested in this, too.
marie douglas-david is uglyNow that’s a cheap shot, folks.
youwwwporn.com – Now how did this find me?
shut up woman n getonmyhorse Heh.

So here are the top search phrases that linked to my blog from March, 2010:

mit pi cheerIt’s real!
why does she talk to meI don’t know, but Googling the answer is probably not going to help.
sister never hooked upPrude.
bascic reading skillsAll the illiterates love my blog.
losing the countryDo you really care if it’s lost?
big gunsGreat big, enormous, BURSTING guns…
wwwpornqueen.comwith big guns?
zombie aheadDear God!

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