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Here are the most frequent searches done on the Internet that hit on my blog between July and Sept of this year, complete with mispellings:

King Julien
Michigan Football
Ohio State Football
WoW Cataclysm
Name Tag
Bascic Reading Skills
Star Wars Droids
Football Motivational Posters
Flock of Seagulls Hair

Nothing terribly exciting except that King Julien is evidently the most interesting thing I’ve ever posted about on this blog.  Also, why are so many people searching for “Name Tag”?  What could anyone possibly want to now about something so generic as a name tag?

Here are some of the more interesting search phrases:

Go Buckeyes (O-H…)
I am extremely (Tired?  Happy?  Flatulent?)
Michigan Demotivational (Michigan is pretty demotivating in and of itself lately)
Star Wars Hangar (Damn Star Wars nerds)
Star Wars Garbage (What the…)
80s Hair Highschool Picture (We all have them.  Don’t lie, you do too!)
Computers with Blue Lights (WEEEEE!)
Integral Radical Lipstick Slide Rule (I’m actually the top search result for this!)
Look Closely (and you’ll see my blog)
Michigan Defeat (There’s got to be billions of results for this this, I’m sure.  Pfffft!)
Utah Symphony Opera (I’m pretty sure I never posted about this)
wwwpornqueen.com (Heh, I love searches that include the www and the .com)
Kyle Pedophile Illinois (Fortunately, I am NOT the #1 result for this)

king julien
michigan football
ohio state football
wow cataclysm
name tag
bascic reading skills
star wars droids
football motivational posters
flock of seagulls hair

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October 4th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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