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09/09/09 Oh My

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Today is 09/09/09 which is really something.  Or so we’re told.  I mean, yeah… you have to ignore the fact that it’s not really the year 09, but that’s normal.  It’s not like it’s really 09/09/2009, or 9/9/09, or something else less special.  This is really and actually a significant moment in history, folks!

I guess this isn’t going to happen again for over 100 years or maybe even a thousand!

Next year, when 10/10/10 rolls around, it’s totally not going to be nearly as meaningful.  Not as much so as 9/9/2009… er, I mean 09/09/09.  And what about 11/11/11?  Forget about it, THIS… THIS moment in history, this 09/09/09 isn’t coming around again EVER IN OUR LIFETIMES FOLKS!!!!

It’s the last time in the next 100 years that we’ll have the a set of repeating, single-digit dates.  And since single-digit dates are clearly more special that double-digit dates… or at least single digits where we arbitrarily tack on leading zeros for days and months, but lop off those annoying preceding millennium and century numbers from the year.

It’s special, damnit… no really, it is.  :-/

Other things that are as special and unique as 09/09/09:

  • Snow Flakes – Yeah, there may be a bazillion of them on your driveway, but under a microscope each and every one is unique.
  • Your Kids – Afterall, everyone knows you sired the next Joe Namath, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Picasso all in one.  No really, we all believe it just as much as you do.
  • Eclipses – Because there’ll never be another 57%, lower quadrant, 100 lumines, lunar, not solar, in the Northern hemisphere bordering Indiana AND Ohio during the evening hours of 11:30 to 11:35 pm not obscured by the clouds ever again in our lifetimes.

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September 9th, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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