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If You’re Angry and You Know It, Stamp Your Face

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Ever since I started checking out the weekly round up of mug shots on The Smoking Gun, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with facial tattoos.  Or rather, more to the point, with the people who choose to get them.  What trials and tribulations in a person’s life leads them to that crossroad where they look left and chuckle to themselves in amusement, look right and think deep in the recesses of their alcohol soaked mind that there could possibly be a day where they might regret being totally unable to hide their tattoo choice, and finally just decide to go straight on ahead with, “You know what?  Today is the rest of my life.  Nothing will ever be so different as to make this a bad idea.”

Consider, if you will, exhibit A:


I mean… come on, really?  Was there truly, absolutely no hope in this man to give him pause that fateful day?


Written by Kyle

February 10th, 2009 at 12:59 pm