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So last week, my computer went *poof*.  I’ll pause for a moment of silence…



This was the computer I “treated” myself to over 3 years ago.  Previously, I’d always purchased semi-reasonable computers with an eye to performance vs. affordability.  But this time, I went almost all out and bought an Alienware machine of near Earth shattering power.  In short, I was never really all that happy with it.

Now, it was as good and better than anything I’d ever gotten before, but my expectations were considerably higher.  It just never quite lived up to the hype, even though that hype was mostly in my own head, heh.

Last week, the computer had a series of unusual, but benign, “occurrences”.  Things that no one but a computer geek like me would notice, like locking up at an unusual time.  A Blue Screen of Death on a file that hadn’t occurred before.  A faint disturbance in the force.  Then, it just up and died.  I came back into the room and noticed the screen was blank.  I powered it off and it simply never came back on.  /cry

Everything seemed to still be getting power as the DVD drives would spin, all of the lights came on, fans spun and gizmos whirred.  But the damn thing just wouldn’t boot.  Nothing ever displayed on the screen and the beep that occurs when it starts reading the BIOS (or at least that’s the way I interpreted it) would never beep.

So what’s a nerd to do when his toy breaks?

Yep.  I took the whole thing apart.

Not just the normal things like video and sound cards and memory.  Oh no… out came the power supply, off came the cables, motherboard yanked, and oh my, is that the CPU?  Pop.  Everything came apart and surprisingly, it all went back together again.  But still no beep.

So what’s a nerd to do when he can’t fix his broken toy?

Yep, I’m building a new toy.  Better than before.  Stronger.  Faster… MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING EVER BEFORE MUHAHAHHAHA.

Going the complete opposite direction from my last computer, this time I’m just ordering all of the individual pieces separately and will commence jamming them together where they seem most likely to fit.

For those of you who actually dated in high school, have friends that exist in a real 3rd dimension, and like to go outside for longer periods of time than just walking to your car:

  • Intel’s newest Pentium CPU that doesn’t cost as much as New Zealand’s Gross National Product
  • An ASUS motherboard to go with the CPU.
  • Aftermarket CPU cooler
  • 6GB of performance RAM
  • nVidia GTX 275 video card
  • Two 1TB hard drives. (1 Terabyte = 1,000 Gigabytes)
  • A mid-tower case to hold it all and an 850 Watt power supply to, well, power it.
  • Windows Vista, 64 bit version

And for those of you still confused, likely due to an unfulfilled life of fermented hops and one too many ‘wake-n-bake’ breakfasts lasting past your mid twenties when the rest of us realized that fat drunk and stupid really wasn’t the way to go through life:

  • Fast box with pretty blue lights that makes solitaire play really fast!  Hee hee, look at the cards bounce across the screen, hee hee hee hee…

Naturally, the parts all arrive today, except for one.  Oh, the humanity of it all!

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July 8th, 2009 at 11:48 am

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