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Some Opinions are Worth Less Than Others

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Evidently, the Czech prime minister, and current holder of the EU presidency, Mr Topolanek, does not agree with Obama’s economic recovery plans.

He attacked the US’s growing budget deficit and the “Buy America” campaign, saying “all of these steps, these combinations and permanency is the way to hell”.

At first glance, this may seem alarming.  Here is a notable, world leader condemming what is undoubtably a risky plan.  One might feel alarmed that perhaps those wiley Euopeans with their almighty “Euro” may know what they are talkning about.

That is, unless you look a little closer…

Mr Topolanek, whose government collapsed last night in a Czech parliament vote of no-confidence, said the United States was not taking “the right path”.

Hmm… here you go Mr. Topo-Living-in-a-Glass-House-lanek:

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March 25th, 2009 at 10:10 am

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Real Estate-onomics

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We’ve had our house up for sale now for over a year.  This was our starter home, our son is now in school, and we now have an extra dollar or two coming in each pay check, so it’s time to upgrade.  This was the time we’d always planned on since buying this house almost 8 years ago.

Yeah… I know.  :-/

In the first 6 months, we didn’t even have a single person inquire as to looking at it.  Since then, we’ve had about 5 showings.  And while I don’t want to derail this post with a separate topic, WTH is with people only giving an hour’s notice to look at a house?!?!  Seriously, probably 4 out of those 5 showings we had between 45 minutes to an hour and half to vacate the house!  But anyway… our original notion of trying not to take a loss on the house from our original purchase lasted all of about 3 months.  After 6 months, we just went directly to rock bottom where we wouldn’t have to pay additional money just to vacate.  *sigh*  Honestly though, it’s not that bad… as much as we lose on the house, we’ll be be making back twice over since we’re looking to buy a more expensive house.  Sounds great…

Step 1 – Put lower priced house on market for 70 – 80% of it’s value

Step 3 – Buy higher priced house for 70 – 80% of ITS value… Profit!

There’s just one thing missing…

Fortunately, Obama has a plan.  You see, Kristin did some volunteer work during his campaign and, well… let’s just say we’re tight.  He’s heard of our predicament and has taken an interest.

The idea is that if you buy our house, for 70 – 80% of its value, Obama will give you a 10% rebate!  Round that to the nearest non-annoying figure and that’s roughly $15,000.  And it’s not like those fictitious retail, cut-off-the-UPC-code, mail-an-8-page-form-to-some-fake-address, and pray-to-something-holy, kind of rebates… no, this is government backed, guaranteed, by God!

Then we’ll go buy a house, and you know what?  Obama’s going to give us, $15,000, too!  No, seriously.  It’s true.  Now… for a limited time only, if you act now and promise not tell the government that we may be tinkering with their rebate program in new and possibly dangerously innovative thinking, we’ll split our $15,000 with you.

You’ll just have to cut the UPC code off the foundation and mail it in to 22 Twain, Station City, PA, 90210.

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February 5th, 2009 at 11:36 am

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