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3 + 3 = 3?

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine this morning over IM.  She’s leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I was asking about it…

Kyle: Where are you guys going?
M: Charlevoix (about 45 min north of Traverse City)
Kyle: What do you do there?
M: go to the beach a lot…it’s right on lake michigan
Kyle: Just the 3 of you are going?
M: yeah…well, sort of…my mom, aunt, and cousin will be up there too. we rent a house for all of us
Kyle: How is that “sort of”?
Kyle: That’s like double the 3 of you

She got drunk last night.  On a Thursday.  That’s not relevant to anything, but I just want a lot of people to know that she’s a work today, drunk.

Gotta love your friends, eh?

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July 24th, 2009 at 9:02 am

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